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Bits and Pieces

Holidays open the floodgates of family memories

Holidays are milestones that remind us of how our lives have changed as years and decades pass.

Transformation is an inside job

Last week, while I was  walking  to the bay,  I spotted a little green shoot pushing through the dry soil.  Seeing a  tiny herald of spring, my heart felt lighter.  That little shoot was a harbinger of transformation:  The dry hard soil will eventually morph into a colorful landscape. Mother Nature is a miracle worker.

The greatest — and hardest — of these is love

Moving from infatuation to long-lasting love is a hard journey, and it takes mutual respect, patience, communication and commitment.

Living with regrets: You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it

Short of building a time machine, we cannot go back and change the past. We can, however, reflect on our regrettable choices, or lack of choices, learn from them and vow to never carry them forward into our future.  

‘Peace and good will’ come from within

Peace, good will, tranquility, serenity, reconciliation,  calm and quiet are not just words, they are ways of being.  We can give this to the world if we could just stop belly-aching. 

Appreciating the little things makes life happier

Noticing all the positive things we experience every day — really noticing them and appreciating them— can change your whole outlook on life.

LOL. Really, it will do you good.

Laugh out loud. Have fun. Be silly. Break some rules. Give yourself a break.we are here for such a short time. Live and love like your life depends on it. It does, you know.

Life with Siri, Alexa & Google: Do you ever wonder if technology helps us — or rules us?

Column: Don’t misunderstand me, I love technology. But there comes a time when too much is simply too much, don’t you think? 

Beware the scam artists constantly devising new ways to rob the most vulnerable among us

Scammers slither and worm their way into the lives of the most vulnerable, causing irreparable harm. New column from Celia Marszal-Iannelli

Is age just a number? The question looms large when a ‘significant’ birthday is coming up

Is age really just a number? Facing what her kids tell her is a 'significant' birthday, Celia Iannelli grapples with the age-old question.