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Guest Column

CAT’s EPCAL plan violates the very town ordinance it says it relies on for approval

Guest column: CAT's plan is a "nuisance" prohibited by Riverhead Town Code.

The Riverhead IDA must say no to tax breaks for a cargo hub at former Grumman site. Here’s why.

The Town Board put the Riverhead IDA in an impossible situation. The IDA should 'just say no' to tax breaks for CAT's massive project. That will put the ball back where it belongs: in the hands of the Town Board, which should walk away from this deal as fast as it can.

What’s the rush? Town Board should table the battery energy storage code adoption

Guest column: Once again the Town Board is charging ahead with major zoning changes before adequate vetting and without input from the people of Riverhead. What on earth is the rush?

Justice Court report: week of March 20, 2023

Excerpts from Riverhead Town Justice Court docket for the week of March 20 2023, Justice Sean Walter presiding. There were 339 criminal and traffic cases on the court’s docket.

Riverhead has a leadership problem

Guest column: Riverhead has a fundamental problem that affects all of its residents: Those who are supposed to protect the public routinely don’t. With real consequences.

‘Mega-warehouse’ is a ‘harbinger of doom’ for local residents

Guest column: Make no mistake. This is no ordinary warehouse. This is a mega-warehouse, the kind that stretches for acres and dwarfs everything in its surroundings. Some may see it as a sign of progress and economic growth. I see it as a harbinger of doom for local residents.

Now that the dream is over…

Guest column: It wasn’t Dr. King’s dream that America was afraid of, it was the fact that he woke up. Then he became a threat. America wants you to only remember the dream. As always, America “white-washes” our history and rewrites it in such a way to generate an outcome conducive to its status quo.

To improve Riverhead’s image, we must do a better job of keeping streets and private properties clean

Guest column: People associate excessive litter with lack of social control and management, which breeds a sense of insecurity. The perception of Riverhead is that it is dirty and dangerous. 

Planning be damned: Riverhead is developers’ promised land

Opinion: Developers are ready to build and our Town Board is in lockstep with them — not the people of Riverhead.

This is Riverhead’s last chance to get it right

Riverhead Town's natural resources and community character are being erased by unplanned development. It's time for our leaders to take action and implement sustainable development practices before it's too late. Opinion column by Bob DeLuca of Group for the East End.