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Greg Blass

Opinion column by Greg Blass, a retired public servant who served as Suffolk County social services commissioner, NYS family court judge and Suffolk County legislator.

A cure for what ails them? Questions remain about CBD therapy for dogs and cats

The use of CBD supplements is a hot and complicated topic in veterinary medicine. Research is limited, evidence anecdotal and questions abound.

Suffolk County politics: Oh, what a tangled web

While most people are blisslully oblivious, political power brokers are hard at work in an underhanded and illegal effort to grab power from the jaws of defeat in last month's election.

Are video games good or bad for kids? A global debate hits home for the holidays

At the top of many a child's holiday wish list are all kinds of video games. It’s as good a time as any to consider the good, the bad, and the ugly of video games and children.

Ultimately, the choice is ours — and it’s clear: Riverhead needs a clean sweep

Electing some new talent, new ideas, and honest character presents us not merely an opportunity, but an obligation, to vote for desperately needed change, the kind of change Riverhead has needed for years, and deserves now. Wake up, Riverhead.

Was L.I. serial killer investigation stymied in coverup by corrupt Suffolk cop and DA? We need a special prosecutor to probe...

No matter who they were — no matter what their past — no one deserves to die as the Gilgo victims did. No family should suffer all these years without closure. It's time for an independent probe into how this investigation was handled in a county where two top law enforcement officials were convicted of corruption and obstruction.

The genius of ‘Fats’ Waller never grows old

The musical genius came into his own in the "Roaring '20s" and left an indelible mark on the American music scene that still influences contemporary artists today.

No, it wasn’t aliens: Why Riverhead’s landfill reclamation project went off-course

Things took place at the town dump many years before the reclamation project got underway — at the direction of some in Town Hall — that surprised town officials years later. And it had nothing to do with aliens or artifacts.

A Father’s Day reflection on fatherhood

On Father's Day, we celebrate Dad's love and his role as mentor, provider, protector and caregiver.

Documents in ex-Suffolk DA’s corruption trial reveal county politics at their sordid worst

Thanks to the federal judge in disgraced Suffolk district attorney Tom Spota's corruption trial, we have a glimpse into how things work behind the scenes in Suffolk. It's not a pretty picture and hasn't been fully reported by the press. Column by Greg Blass.

Riverhead’s ethics code needs an overhaul

Riverhead Town's ethics code, first adopted in 2004, has many gaping holes that allow questionable conduct to continue unabated, as we've seen repeatedly over the years. It's time to fix it.