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CAT’s EPCAL plan violates the very town ordinance it says it relies on for approval

Guest column: CAT's plan is a "nuisance" prohibited by Riverhead Town Code.

Hey, Triple Five. We get it. Do you?

Whatever name they give Triple Five’s plan — a hub, a cog, a piece in the logistics and distribution puzzle — it’s still a place with runways where planes carrying cargo — typically 747s which, when fully loaded, weigh 89,000 pounds — would be landing. And it would generate truck traffic here the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Town Board must be more inclusive if downtown ‘quality of life’ efforts are to be effective

Letter: Downtown civic group calls on Town Board to expand Quality of Life committee to include more than 'business leaders and their interests' to be effective in its mission.

The ‘CAT’ plan for EPCAL does not deserve taxpayer financial support

Featured letter: CAT has no approved site plan, no zoning approvals, no required permits and its plan has not undergone the review mandated by the State Environmental Quality Review Act. It should not even be considered for taxpayer-funded support.

When it comes to open government, New York’s lofty ideals bear little relation to reality

With no penalties for violations and no enforcement except by lawsuits in State Supreme Court brought by private citizens, it's no wonder officials often act like complying with these laws are optional. There is a better way, if N.Y. state lawmakers were serious about transparency.

Is the Riverhead IDA serving the public’s interest? With many big projects about to seek agency benefits, the answer is critical.

Editorial: A lot of big projects are heading to the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency for "benefits," collectively millions of dollars in tax exemptions. It's important for residents to understand what the IDA does and why. The agency, which lacks transparency, must do a much better job to provide public information to the public, or it does not deserve the public's support.

No sales tax increase for clean water initiative: government must find another way

Letter: Government waste and inefficiency should be the target to find monies to support any clean water initiatives.

Environmental advocates urge state to enact Suffolk County Water Quality Restoration Act

The 1/8-cent sales tax increase is needed to finance the installation of clean water septic systems. State lawmakers must adopt it and allow Suffolk voters to make it a reality.

The Riverhead IDA must say no to tax breaks for a cargo hub at former Grumman site. Here’s why.

The Town Board put the Riverhead IDA in an impossible situation. The IDA should 'just say no' to tax breaks for CAT's massive project. That will put the ball back where it belongs: in the hands of the Town Board, which should walk away from this deal as fast as it can.

In Calverton, life as we know it is under attack

Big developers know they can have their way in Riverhead, promising jobs that won’t go to town residents and taxes we’ll never see. What do we actually get? More traffic, more light pollution, more crime, more demands on our town employees and first responder resources. Letter from Mark Gajowski, Calverton